Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thin View???

Tomorrow is yet another weigh in day for me.  I'll post my progress and a picture tomorrow for you.  I'm hoping to reach the 10 pound mark this week!
Also, I recorded a video today with a few snack and breakfast ideas for you all.  It's kind of a trial video.  If enough people tell me they want more videos on weight loss, my progress etc and me sharing what is and isn't working for me then I will start a new youtube channel and make videos along that vein for you.  So leave me a comment here or on the video ( and let me know what you think/want/need.  I'd like to help others who are also trying to lose weight if I can.
What I shared in the video are food items and utensils that are helping me keep on track.  Sometimes we get side tracked by different things like a craving or convenience or not feeling satisfied with our food.  The Fiber One and Kellogg's Fiber bars help with all of those issues.  They curb my sweets craving, they are convenient enough to carry along with me so I'm not out somewhere wanting sweets and give in to temptation, they help me feel satisfied.  Both hunger and taste wise.  They are full of fiber which fills you up, just be sure to drink plenty of water or you could experience what I like to call "the bloatation device". can take it from there.  ;-)
The two oatmeal's I shared in the video work for me by helping me feel full longer because they are true whole grains.  The part of the oat that is actually the "good" part isn't removed like it is for other oatmeals like most instant ones.  They also taste great and are warm and comforting.  You can get the Irish Oats at most grocery stores like Harris Teeter, Martin's, Lowe's Foods, Publix.  That type of store.  The dark chocolate one, I've only seen it at Health Food Stores like Whole Foods or my local HFS.  They are good hearty cereals.  Sometimes I like them at night for a snack.  You can add fruit, low fat milk or cream, cinnamon or any seasoning you like.  The options are endless!  Just be careful not to add more fat, calories, carbs to it and accidentally defeat the purpose of eating it.
I also included Bragg's raw, organic apple cider vinegar.  It's known to decrease appetite, lower blood pressure, help with acid reflux and much much more.  There are also external benefits such as relieving muscle pain from exercise etc.  Here's the website for more information: (  Here is an informational video as well:
The last thing I showed you were my Weight Watcher's measuring/serving utensils.  These are GREAT for making things quicker and easier.  I use them while cooking and then serve with them to make sure I get the right portion size every time without having to dirty up 5 measuring cups.  They were $19.99 at my Weight Watcher's meeting, you can stop in anywhere that holds meetings and sells products and buy them.  You don't have to be a member to purchase products.  I also have a WW scale that weighs food and gives you the points value based on what you tell the machine the food is.  Great tools!
Well, I think that's all for now.  Please let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in seeing more of.  Thanks for stopping in and be sure to come back tomorrow for my weigh in update and photo!  Love,
Nicole the Thin (eventually..)

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