Friday, January 7, 2011

It's time to lay it down...

...the fork/spoon/knife/toothpick etc that is.  It's been about a year and a half since I have made any serious effort, for longer than two weeks, to lose weight.  A lot has happened in that time and I could give a whole host of very legitimate excuses for why but that's all they would be, excuses.  There is also a story on how I got to be this way to begin with but was my mouth that chewed the food.  My hand that put it in my mouth.  My choices that got me where I am today.  Overweight, unhealthy and unhappy with the way I look and feel.
  About four years ago I lost almost 80 pounds using a certain weight loss program.  I dove in with both feet (that was a site to behold, ha ha) right before Christmas and had no problem what so ever sticking with it, even through the Holidays, and losing weight quickly.  Then we moved to a new state and...the rest is a big fat history that I'm now on the road to erasing.
  Today I re-started that same program and am going to track the whole experience/journey here for many reasons.  The number one reason is to hopefully encourage and help others who need to and are trying to achieve weight loss also.  It's so helpful to me to have other people I can talk with about how it's going, what's working and what's not, get tips from based on their experiences and more.  So hopefully I can do that for others also.  The second reason is to help hold myself accountable to stick with it!  All who want to accompany me in this journey are welcome to come along and even invited.  The more the merrier!  If you have 1 pound or 1000 pounds to lose, doesn't matter, let's go down the road to thin together.  If you would like to tag along to be an encouragement to me because you have already traveled this way, thank you in advance!  If you're here to belittle, degrade, name call, poke fun or just be mean in general-you are not invited and will be blocked and reported.
  So today marks the first inch on my long road to travel.  Slow and steady wins the race, who's with me!?  Please leave comments and let me know why you're here.  With the Lord's help we can all make this journey and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks for stopping by and reading what I have to say.  God bless you.
PS..I will be posting pictures of myself along the way, please feel free to do the same!  Here's my picture as of today:
Not the best picture of me in the world get the point.


Jeni said...

I'm proud of you Nikki for making that committment. I know you'll do well, especially with the Holy Spirit as your guide. I lost 65 pounds on that program and would have kept it off if I did not fall into bad habits again. Thankfully I have lost a lot of weight again and will continue to try. We can encourage each other. :o)

Miss Dress Up said...

Thank you! So far so good. My first week was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Especially after not doing ANYTHING for so long and just letting myself feed, and grow, the flesh. I appreciate you Jeni. Are you on a current eating plan?