Friday, January 28, 2011

The Weight that broke.. energy level and so much more.  Hello everyone.  I know it's been a while since I posted the first blog on here about my journey down the scale and I do apologize for that.  The Friday after I started Weight Watcher's I drove to Florida to see my Sister and her kids for a week.  I tried twice to get to a meeting there to be weighed but it never hoo.  BUT I did stay ON plan and going strong.  I went to my meeting this morning and I've lost.............ALMOST 7 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!  (I thought it was almost 8 till I got home and looked at my print out, I don't like to do that at my meeting)  So since I started on January 7th until today, January 28th, I've lost almost 7 pounds and I couldn't be happier.  Here's a picture of me today:

I still have a long long long...long way to go BUT I'm moving in the right direction which is DOWN.  Are you with me?  Can I hear an AMEN and see a show of hands for how many are traveling down the road with me here?  WOOT WOOT! on pause for a second to share a few links with you to things that help me out a lot.
First off, the Weight Watcher's website is so very helpful!  Shout out to Weight Watchers.  They have hundreds of recipes, low point snack/meal/drink ideas, message boards of all kinds so you can talk to other people on the plan, scientists you can ask questions, restaurant guides to help you when you eat out and much much more.  (No, I don't work for Weight Watchers and I'm not getting paid for this..I WISH!)  That's all on top of being able to track everything you eat, your weight and your activity and they figure everything out for you from there.  I really enjoy using that site and tracking all my food/drink every day is definitely helping me out.  So go to and check it out! They have a plan where you do it all online and don't actually go to meetings.  I need to go and have someone say "look me in the eye when I'm weighing you!".  Ok, they don't actually ever say that or anything close to it (they keep your weigh in very low key and between you and the scale) but standing on that scale knowing I have to face me and that lady with the weight anyway.  
Another one I just learned about today from my loving Hubby.  He heard on the radio a program called Made To Crave.  It's actually a book written by Linda TerKuerst (thank the LORD I'm typing this and not trying to pronounce her name!).  She is a Christian woman who lost a good deal of weight herself years ago.  It's not a diet, it's a book to do along with whatever eating plan you are on that helps you get your focus on the Lord and off of food and much more.  They have a segment on 94.1 KLove (if you live in the Triad area), I'm not sure what time though.  You can go to  to check the times etc.  OR you can go straight to  which is her website and has a bunch of resources, videos etc.  Mandisa followed her book and speaks very highly of it.  
The more we can get it through our fat (he he) heads that we are using and abusing food for things it was never meant for I really believe the easier this thing will be to beat.  Food is not fun or comfort or the cure for anger/depression/sadness/grief or anything else.  Food is meant to nourish our physical bodies so we can stay alive and be healthy.  Jesus is fun and comfort and the cure for all of the above and anything else you can think of or can't even imagine!  You don't believe in God?  Do you consider yourself an intelligent human being?  Do you like to make informed decisions about things instead of just blindly taking someone's word for it?  Then if God is real and who He says he is you have  A LOT of motivation to find that out.  Do some research, read the Bible and find out for yourself.  Ask Him to reveal Himself to you "if" He's real.  He will most definitely answer that!  If He's not real you've lost nothing in the process of finding that out for yourself.  If He is've gained EVERYTHING including but not limited to Heaven when it's time.  It's worth it.
Please leave me a comment and let me know why you are here.  Are you also on an eating plan and losing weight?  Are you here to encourage me and the others like me?  Are you here out of curiosity?  Whatever the reason is, thank you for being here!  I really appreciate all of you.  
Love and Less of Me,


Rob said...

Congrats baby. I am proud of you for what you are doing and taking steps to help others. I support you and I will do what it takes to help you. Love always, Me...

April said...

Last weekend, I stood on the scale to discover that, instead of having lost anything since my initial weight loss after giving birth to Jonathan, I'd gained 10 pounds! I was horrified. Here I am again, back to where I was 4 years ago before I dieted and lost 60 pounds and was only 40 pounds away from my goal. Now, I've got 100 pounds to lose. There's a lot of reasons why I got where I am today - unfettered, unbalanced eating while I was pregnant and a fear of doing harm to my child if I dieted while breastfeeding. All along this past year, I'd been planning that in a little while, once I felt settled in my life, I'd diet --- all along, using food like a crutch and making excuses for myself. I know the joy you feel at weight loss having lost 7 pounds this week myself (woo hoo!), and as your sister and knowing your story, I also know your pain at having regained the weight and having to fight the battle all over again.

I want you to know, I'm standing with you and I know you'll stand with me : we're going to lose the weight - empowered by God to live the way we were intended to live, and this time, we're going to keep the weight off for good!

Kelli said...

This is written like a professional blogger. Hats off to you for all the blogs you've read because you've absorbed a lot and the writing style is pleasant, easy to follow, informative and stays right on track. Obviously the content is fab. So proud of you!

Miss Dress Up said...

Gosh, I have actual tears in my eyes at all three of your comments!!!!!!! Honey, I really appreciate you saying that and taking time to read my blogs. I totally know what you mean. I lost a lot and gained more. BUT, it doesn't mean I'm a failure and it doesn't mean I will always be this way. It means I will have to work hard at it but it can be done!! As long as I shut my mouth when I need to..ha ha. We can do this April! And congratulations on losing SEVEN pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome and just the beginning!
Kelli, I really appreciate you saying that! I feel like I ramble on a lot...but maybe not! Thanks all of you, love you.

Verlin said...

I was 250 pounds for the longest time. I have been able to get down to 235 but now I have plateaued there. This weekend will be good though I am playing volleyball all weekend 3 whole days. Hopefully I can get in the mood to go back to the Gym after this weekend.
I want to be healthier when I hit the field in nursing so I can teach by example.

Anonymous said...
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