Friday, February 25, 2011

It's definitely a PLUS

The number on the scale that is this week.  Boo hoo, I shall whine and give up and............JUST KIDDING!  I arrived at my meeting today with high hopes of having lost.  For two reasons, 1. I weighed myself at home this morning and my scale showed me having lost almost TWO pounds.  2. I followed the plan.  When she told me I "gained" .2 of a pound, at first, I felt a little disheartened.  Then I thought, "HOLD ON HERE! I've been on this plan since January 7th and have been faithfully following and losing and I will continue to do that. No tiny .2 of a pound is going to cause me to fall down and go back to fat world!".  So, I determined that I don't count that as a true "gain" (the person weighing me in actually said that first, she said they count that as a maintain).  It could have been water retention, female issues (ahem)..anything.  So, I shall stay on this train headed North and keep on chugging toward my goal to 145 pounds of healthy chick!


I still feel successful this week because I stayed on plan and my clothes feel bigger!  It's not always going to show up on the scale.  Sometimes you have an off scale success where you clothes feel looser, you've lost inches instead of pounds for whatever reason or you overcame a party or event that normally causes you to go off the tracks and hit dirt.  So here is me this week in my slightly baggier pants and shirt:(next goal is to measure myself to see if I'm losing inches)  I also feel successful because I was FINALLY able to start my Zumba class on the PS3 today!  Completed my first 20 minute class and OMG am I sweating and out of breath!  Not to mention muscles I didn't know existed HURT.  But it's oh so much fun!!!!!!!

As soon as I get video #1 uploaded I will upload video #2 for today showing you some ideas for how to make sure you are serving yourself the correct portion size both at home and while dining out.  That was the topic at the Weight Watcher's meeting today.  Very helpful!  God bless you all and keep on moving forward no matter what the scale says, you're still getting healthier even if you never lost another ounce.  But of course you will!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jersy Girl said...

Do you remember when we were going together and on my 2nd weigh-in, I gained and was CRUSHED! I was nearly in tears and the lady weighing me wasn't nearly as nice as the one who weighed you today. Anyway, I found my patter was a good loss, a small gain/no loss, a good loss, small gain/no loss, etc.

You're doing great...Keep up the good work! And don't let a mere .2 lbs discourage you!

Miss Dress Up said...

I do remember that. So far this is the first week I haven't lost but my pattern used to be about the same as the one you described above when I was on the old plan. I really think this new plan is a lot better and healthier!
That silly little two tenths of a pound ain't gonna get me down! Thanks for the pep talk Lady! ;0)