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Lovely Lists!

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  I was just going through some old emails and ran across the latest grocery list done by Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien.   She makes one every year and updates the foods on it to reflect the latest "food finds" that are low in points (for us Weight Watcher chicks and men folk).  It's really a great tool!  Here's page one of the list (there are three pages) and to follow I'll put the link of where you can go to the printer friendly page yourself if you'd like:

Hungry Girl’s 2011 Supermarket List
Abbreviations: FF = fat-free, RF = reduced-fat, LF = low-fat, SF = sugar-free, NSA = no-sugar-added
Dairy, Dairy Alternatives &
Egg Products
‰ FF or RF shredded cheese (Kraft,
Lifetime, Sargento, Galaxy Veggie
Shreds, Weight Watchers)
‰ FF or RF block cheeses (Lifetime,
‰ Lisanatti Foods The Original Almond
Cheese Alternative
‰ FF or RF cheese slices (Kraft, Sargento,
Galaxy Veggie Slices, Weight Watchers)
‰ FF or LF cottage cheese (Fiber One,
Knudsen/Breakstone’s On the Go!/
Snack Size, Knudsen/Breakstone’s
‰ FF cream cheese (or Weight Watchers
RF Spread)
‰ FF or RF crumbled feta
‰ The Laughing Cow Light Cheese
‰ The Laughing Cow Mini Babybel Light
‰ Light string cheese (50 - 60 calories
w/ about 2g fat each)
‰ Assorted RF cheese snacks (Weight
Watchers, Sargento)
‰ Kraft 100 Calorie Packs Cheese Bites
‰ RF Parmesan-style grated topping
(pasta aisle, usually)
Egg Products
‰ FF liquid egg substitute (Egg Beaters
Original, Better’n Eggs, Nulaid
‰ Liquid egg whites (All Whites, Egg
Beaters Whites)
‰ Eggs (for making hard-boiled
egg whites)
‰ FF or LF yogurt (Yoplait Light,
Dannon Light & Fit, Weight
Watchers, Yoplait Fiber One)
‰ FF plain Greek yogurt (Fage
Total 0%, Trader Joe’s 0%,
Chobani 0%)
‰ FF or LF fruity Greek yogurt (Fage
Total 0% or 2% w/ Fruit, Chobani 0%
or 2% w/ Fruit, Athenos 0% w/ Fruit)
Milk & Milk Swaps
‰ Refrigerated light vanilla soymilk (8th
Continent Light, Silk Light)
‰ Blue Diamond Unsweetened
Vanilla Almond Breeze (stocked
with refrigerated or non-refrigerated
‰ Silk Pure Almond (fridge section!)
‰ So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut
Milk Beverage (stocked with refrigerated
or non-refrigerated soymilks)
‰ SF or NSA pudding cups (Jell-O SF,
Snack Pack SF or NSA,
Handi-Snacks SF)
‰ Kozy Shack NSA Rice Pudding &
Tapioca Pudding
‰ Mousse Temptations by Jell-O
Assorted Low-Cal Condiments
‰ FF Reddi-wip
‰ Cool Whip Free (freezer aisle)
‰ Coffee-mate Original FF liquid creamer
‰ Coffee-mate FF or SF French Vanilla
powdered creamer
‰ Coffee-mate Powder Stick Packs
‰ FF sour cream
‰ FF or LF mayo
‰ Light buttery spread or light whipped
butter (Brummel & Brown, Land O
Lakes Whipped Light, Smart
Balance Light)
‰ I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Spray
Cold Cereal
‰ Puffed stuff (puffed wheat, rice &/or
corn; Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs; Kix)
‰ Shredded wheat (like Fiber One’s
frosted version)
‰ Fiber One Original bran cereal
‰ Kashi Honey Sunshine
‰ Kashi Heart to Heart Warm
Cinnamon Oat Cereal
‰ Chocolate Cheerios
‰ Cinnamon Burst Cheerios
Hot Cereal
‰ Instant oatmeal packets (Quaker --
standard, Mix-Up Creations &
True Delights)
‰ Old-fashioned oats
‰ Amy’s Hot Cereal Bowls (freezer aisle)
Meat & Seafood
‰ Nearly FF (around 97%) turkey, chicken
&/or ham slices (Oscar Mayer Deli
Fresh, Applegate Farms, Butterball,
Healthy Ones, Sara Lee, Boar’s Head)
‰ Boneless skinless lean chicken &/or
turkey breast
‰ Lean ground turkey breast (Jennie-O,
‰ Extra-lean ground beef
‰ Hot dogs w/ about 40 calories and
1g fat (Hebrew National 97% FF, Ball
Park FF, Ball Park Bun Size Smoked
White Turkey, Hoffy Extra Lean)
‰ Canned 98% FF chunk white chicken
breast in water
‰ Canned/pouched albacore tuna in
water (low-sodium options!)
‰ Canned/pouched salmon in water
‰ Real or imitation crabmeat
‰ StarKist Salmon, Albacore &
Tuna Creations
‰ Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Albacore
Steak Entrees
‰ Frozen or fresh shrimp & scallops
‰ Frozen or fresh fish fillets (like
tilapia, tuna & flounder)
‰ Gorton’s frozen grilled shrimp & fish
fillets (tilapia, salmon)
Assorted Meaty Extras
‰ Hormel Turkey Pepperoni (and Minis!)
‰ Lean turkey burger patties (Jennie-O,
‰ Center-cut bacon or turkey bacon
(Jennie-O, Oscar Mayer)
‰ Precooked real crumbled bacon (or
imitation bacon bits)
‰ Soy, turkey, or beef jerky (Tasty Eats
-- not the chicken-flavored ones --,
Jack Link’s, Oh Boy! Oberto, Healthy
Snackin’s Simply Snackin)
‰ Jack Link’s Premium Cuts
(Chicken Nuggets!)
‰ Chopped & prepared veggies/veggie
snacks (Mann’s Snacks on the Go)
‰ Salad greens
‰ Giant romaine lettuce leaves &
cabbage (like Mann’s Simply Singles
-- for wraps!)
‰ Veggies for munching on (cherry
tomatoes, broccoli, sugar snap peas,
baby carrots)
‰ Broccoli slaw mix
‰ Mann’s Lo Mein Stir Fry (part
veggies, part noodles)
‰ Tomatoes
‰ Bell peppers
‰ Onions (for Lord of the Onion Rings!)
‰ Butternut squash (or KABOCHA!)
‰ Kale (for Baked Kale chips!)
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Link to the printer friendly version:
  My suggestion with this list is to go through and figure out the points for each item you plan to purchase by using either your e-tools on the Weight Watcher's website or the company who produces the item if possible. That way you will know what you are buying before you even get there.  Sometimes I end up buying something because I think it's going to be in the points range I'm wanting and satisfy a certain taste I'm looking for only to find it does neither.  I do better when I know before I buy!  Same with knowing the exact points value of something BEFORE you eat it.  Never make the mistake of assuming "oh, it's got to be low in points, I'll figure it out later".  It bites me in the derrière every time.  If you're fairly new to Weight Watcher's it does get a lot easier as you go because you know what the points value of a lot of foods are already so you don't have to stop and figure it out each time.  But in the beginning it's a lot of figuring.
  You can also go to and sign up for her newsletter.  She sends something out almost every day and they are VERY helpful!  She introduces foods that are not even on the market yet and gives you the stats, what they taste like, if they are "worth it", if the NI on the packaging is even correct and so much more.  She revamps recipes so you can enjoy things like baked Alaska, enchiladas, onion rings etc without blowing a million points.  She has cookbooks, she's on TV, she has a TV name it.  The list goes on and on.  VERY helpful!
  Hope that was helpful to you guys.  I'll keep digging to find you things that help you along this journey and make it easier to stick to your eating plan and lose it all!!!!!!!!!

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