Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NEW channel!

Hello All,
  I started a new YouTube channel for weight loss info/tips/progress/encouragement...etc.  Here is the first video:  It's just a short video giving you an idea of somethings you could eat for lunch/dinner or anytime you need something fast, filling and low in points (if you're doing Weight Watcher's too), calories, fat etc.  It's something I really enjoy and helps me feel satisfied.
  A turkey and cheese sandwich is my main "meal" item.  I love the Oscar Mayer shaved deli meats.  The one I ate today was the Mesquite turkey breast-(6 slices is ONE point)
  Next I added a slice of Cabot %50 reduced fat cheddar cheese (it's not all rubbery like most reduced fat cheese and has a good sharp cheese flavor. It's also a nice thick slice!)-(2 points per slice)

  I like to add a little mustard (ok, a lot of mustard..ahem) and put it all on-(2 slices=1 point)
 This sandwich just really does the trick for me.  Sometimes (like today) I eat a serving, which is 14 chips,  of Utz brand baked tortilla chips-(3 points)
  Today I got out the salsa, which is ZERO points on Weight Watcher's Points Plus program.  LOVE zero point food items!  All fruits and most veggies are that way.  They really help me feel full and satisfied.
  Then I usually have some sort of fruit, today a banana but sometimes an apple or some strawberries or ALL OF THE ABOVE because I can.  ;0)  And if I'm extra hungry I'll throw in a Dannon Light and Fit non-fat yogurt.  Today's flavor of choice was raspberry.(2 points)  Very filling lunch, it all tasted great and I'm FULL.  That's one of the main keys to being able to stick to your eating plan, being satisfied with what you are eating and being full (not stuffed, just content) so you aren't starving all the time.  Weight Watcher's really helps me do both.  I know I sound like a commercial for them, sorry.  It's just that it has always worked for me (unless I gave up...which I did...twice) and I want to share the HAPPY.
  I hope this was helpful to you and helps you find some things to try that are tasty, satisfying, filling and low in all the bad stuff.  Let me know what you would like to see next in both a video and a blog on this subject.  The subject being weight loss.
God bless you all, keep on movin'!

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