Thursday, February 17, 2011

How I track my food and drink

There is data that says people who keep track of everything that goes in there mouths each day lose %50 more weight than those that don't.  I know it's definitely part of the reason Weight Watcher's works for me.  If you sign up for their "E-tools" program on their website you have access to the points/activity tracker which looks like this:
This is a shot of my breakfast today and part of my lunch.  (here's a short video telling you what I ate exactly: can look up each food you ate, if it's in the data base they will have the points values there for you.  You can put in how much you ate and it will tell you how many points it is and you can add it to your tracker.  If it's not in the data base you have to either A. manually enter the NI to calculate the points or go to the website for the food you ate and see if they have the NI for it.
I find it super helpful to have this tool to use each day.  I'm not one of those people who will keep up with a piece of paper to write it down each day.  I also have an app on my phone so if I'm out I can still access my tracker and points calculator.  So handy and helpful!  Anything I can do to make this as easy and painless as possible I will do.  That's what helps me keep going.
Here's what I ate through lunch today.  Very filling lunch!  Breakfast was on the go so it was all items I could carry with me in the van but it was also filling and satisfying.
Sorry it's so big, I had to blow it up so you could see it.  I have 37 points/day and only used 12 for breakfast and lunch.  That's who I like to do it because I'm a night time snacker.
Hope this is helpful to you.  Let me know what you'd like to see.  Tomorrow I will take you as far into weight watcher's as I can, I won't be allowed to video tape the meeting because I'm sure that's against all the rules but I will see if they will let me record me weighing in.  See you tomorrow!

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