Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LONG overdue update!

Good Day Everyone,
  This blog seems to be the MOST difficult thing for me to get done for some odd reason.  I have two YouTube channels, two Facebook accounts, a Twitter, three email accounts, a Mypoints account, I'm a BzzAgent and the list goes on.  The one thing that seems to get left in the dust of all that is...this.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because the other things are so much quicker to update, I can update most of that from my cell phone and so many more people follow me on those things.  Or...maybe it's just the writing that seems a daunting task here.  Whatever
the case may be, please forgive me and know that I am trying to put forth more effort to update this blog.  :0)
  I have been following the Weight Watcher's Points Plus program since January 7th, 2011 so almost six months now.  In that time I have lost a grand total of 33.4 pounds.  I have lost for several weeks in a row. I've gained a few tenths here and there.  I have gained over two pounds two weeks in a row and through it all I have been learning a lot.
  One thing I have learned is that I AM capable of persevering with weight loss and being successful even on the weeks where I don't lose.  The last few times I did this "lose weight" thing I was NOT capable of doing that.  I assumed I was just doomed to fatness for the rest of me miserable life.  (or something to that Eeyore effect)  I gave up when "me" took over and blamed it on the fact that I was just NOT one of those people who could do this.  I have found out over the last 5 months that I AM in fact one of those people because I choose to be.
  Another thing I've learned is that there are natural ups and downs to weight loss.  That you can do all the right things, exercise, eat right, drink more water, eat less sodium etc and STILL gain weight.  Even up to 2.2 lbs in one week!!  But if you keep going, if you push as hard as you can to get through it and force yourself to stay on track...IT DISAPPEARS almost as if it were magic!  I was doing all of that and gained 1 lbs one week and 2.2 lbs the next.  WHAT??  I nearly lost it.  And had it not been for the amazing support system that is my family, my YouTube weight loss family and my Facebook family I would have thrown in the proverbial towel.  But I kept going and doing what was right and...low and behold!  The following week I lost 4.4 lbs!  So you see, I hadn't really "gained" anything at all those two weeks.  It all "comes out in the warsh" as my Mom always says.  Translation for my Northern/Non-Southern friends and family: It will all even out in the end.
  So if you find yourself believing that you are the "forever fatty", the one who just can not lose the weight and be "one of those people who lose it all" and/or are on the rollercoaster of up and down weight even though you are trying with all your might to do what's right and healthy....keep on moving, don't stop.  My Weight Watcher's Leader is a sweet, Southern lady of approximately 68 years old.  One of the things she loves to say is this: "Winners never quit and quitters never win.  Success lay just beyond the point where most people give up"  You won't know if you could have made it if you give up.  We CAN DO THIS!
Here are a couple of pictures of me after my last weigh in on Friday, June 24th, 2011: (I "gained" .4 which is nothing but a sneeze!)

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Papi's Girl said...

Congratulations on your lose. That is a tremendous achievment and you should celebrate every moment of it. I know how hard it is to stay encouraged when the scale doesn't seem to move.

You will make it to your goal. I am sure of that. Keep being inspiring.