Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick Update and Promise

Hello All,
  I am so sorry I have dropped the ball on my blogging here.  I have been mainly focusing on doing daily food vlogs, weekly weight loss vlogs and Weight Watcher's meeting content videos for my YouTube channel.  Check it out if you are interested in my progress etc at: Journeytothinify.
  As for this blog, I will start taking weekly photos and updating on my progress here once again as of TOMORROW.  Friday's are still my weigh in day so I will take a full body shot after my meeting and post it ASAP.  Thank you all so much for subscribing to this blog and once again, I'm sorry for not posting sooner!  Here is a quick photo of myself and my Hubby the weekend of our 11th Wedding Anniversary in May:


Papi's Girl said...

You look slimmer in your pic.

rocksiemarie said...

Omg i didn't even know i was following your blog; I saw a update and saw the picture and recognized you from following your video logs. That's weird how I just randomly found your videos and didn't realize I was following blog.