Friday, March 4, 2011

The low down on my low down Week Eight

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, (whichever it may be when you so choose to read this little bloggie of mine)
  I completely freaked myself out this morning and I shant be doing it again!  The weapon of choice was a metal contraption that I have had since 2008.  The contraption in question would be one digital scale which has been moved from place to place, knocked over, the glass chipped and so on.  I chose to step on said scale this morning to "check" my weight before going to be....WEIGHED.  Why, you ask, would I weigh myself before going to be weighed on a scale that is regularly maintained to guarantee accuracy?  Well let me answer that for you, AS SOON AS I FIGURE IT OUT MYSELF!  I have no clue why I decided to torture myself but alas, I did.  So here is the sad tale of the morning of unnecessary torment for Moi.

  My morning began at exactly 6:15 AM when the theme from The Muppet Show began blaring from my not so smart smart phone.  I dismissed the alarm and promptly the other side of my pillow where I drooled for another 10 minutes.  Upon arising (very slowly as my back is hurting from rockin' the Zumba a bit too hard I suppose) I lumbered to the bathroom with my eyes still half closed and the half that was open was blurry. Flicked on the light so as to ensure I didn't fall asleep sitting on the potty and began thinking "hmmm, maybe I should try it ONE MORE TIME and weigh myself before I go to my meeting this morning just to see if my scale is accurate even though it was off horribly last week".  So I quickly flitted about (as quickly as one can flit with their eyes half open and still half asleep) looking for the perfect LIGHT WEIGHT outfit to wear, threw it on and grabbed the metal monster.  Placed it gingerly upon the same spot I always set it, tapped it with my heel and waited for it to reach 0.  I stepped on the scale and the number jumped off the scale, grabbed me around the neck and began choking me until I stepped off of it.  "What!?!?!  I EXERCISED regularily this week AND I ate more veggies AND...I was good!"  The scale was telling me that I had GAINED almost two whole pounds this week.  As I'm sure you can guess I was more than a little upset.  Had I slacked and sat on my rear eating baked Lay's all week I can see that but I just didn't!

  So I went about my morning routine, got dressed, brushed the teeth, washed the face.  Got lunch ready for the boy child, started the make up application and so on and so on until the children had gone off to school and I sat staring at the floor thinking "do I even want to GO to Weight Watcher's today??".  That thought was immediately followed by "YES, of course you do!".  So, I gathered myself, painted on the rest of my face and decided I was going to be happy no matter what the outcome because I had done the right thing all week and walked towards health instead of running into the land of death, obesity and all the other horrific things that come with that..  This, of course, was after getting a magnificent pep talk from my favorite male cheer leader (AKA my Husband).

  And now we arrive at the meeting place.  I remove my sweater, set my purse down, take off my shoes and wonder if anyone will notice if I take off my pants and shirt so I don't have to weigh them.  But I decide that's a very bad idea and I proceed.  The lady weighing me says "how was your week?" so I launch into my explanation of the morning as I step on the scale and watch her face for any sign of a twitch or the ever dreaded "down cast eyes".  But instead, as I spill my guts, she looks up and says to me "well that ole scale was wrong this week!".  I have lost .4 of a pound, that's almost half!  And that totals 11.8 pounds lost.  YAY.

  Yes, I went through all of thee above torment for NOTHING.  All because I chose to use the scale that cannot possibly be working when last week it told me I had LOST almost two pounds only to find out I had "gained" .2 of a pound.  So the moral of the story?  Well, there are a few morals here now aren't there?  1. NEVER use a digital scale (or any other for that matter) that has been dropped etc because they are no longer useful.  2.  STOP worrying about the number on the scale and focus on becoming healthy in my eating habits, exercise habits and thoughts.  3. Keep your pants and shirt on in public.

  I hope this is helpful to you all and that you have had a great week and have accomplished what you need to accomplish to get that much closer to being the healthy you that the Lord created.  God bless you!


Amy said...

Oh girl...been there! I did that to myself every single week when I was on WW!! So destructive!

But to make you feel better...when I worked for WW, I had a woman who was at goal, do her monthly weigh in TOPLESS because she need to be within 2 pounds of her goal weight. I've seen it all! Lol

Keep up the TERRIFIC effort!!

Miss Dress Up said...

Thank you SO much for the encouragement! I don't get a notification that people have posted comments on my blog and I get so few I forget to check. Sorry...
TOPLESS??!?! LOL, that's so funny. Thanks again Amy

Papi's Girl said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a wonderful sense of humor.

I personally do not like to weigh myself because I know it lies at times..LOL! Well for one if you are adding muscle to your body it will not reflect a weight loss. #2 it sometimes depends on the time of the month (you know what I mean) and #3 it can cause you to question your efforts and discourage you from continuing along your healthy journey. So please don't focus on the numbers. The number one goal is to stay mentally strong and your body will follow. Of course you want to check in on your progress but don't obsess over the scale.

Papi's Girl said...

Oh I love that you do Zumba. I was a Zumba instructor and taught free classes at my church. I love Zumba. :)