Friday, March 11, 2011

Zippidee Do Dah

My oh my what a wonderful day!  I LOST 2.8 POUNDS THIS WEEK.  Man that feels good! I knew last week when it "appeared" that I only lost .4 of a pound that it would show up this week.  Not sure why but it kind of "catches up" with you sometimes.  Same goes for weight gain.  You can eat bad this week and not have it show up on the scale till next week when you've done better.  Very odd...sometimes annoying.  But either way we get there, right?  RIGHT!

We discussed this week about celebrating.  The leader went around and asked who wanted to celebrate how much they've lost to date and that is so encouraging!  Some lost five pounds, some 15 others in the 50's and 60's and so on.  It always helps to hear that people DO lose weight.  Several were Weight Watcher's Lifetime Members meaning they have lost to their goal weight and kept it off so they no longer have to pay and only have to weigh in once every six months I believe.

My Husband went with me today because he took today and Monday off to be with me for my Birthday weekend.  It was neat to have him at my meeting with me.  I think he kinda thought so too.  ;0)

A nice lady came up to me after the meeting and said she could tell in the way I talk about my weight loss etc that I've got that "this is it, this time is the time I will lose it all" look and sound.  That was SO encouraging to me I about cried right there!  She also said the way I share in the meeting is very encouraging to her.  Thank God I can be a blessing to someone else who's traveling this long long road.  (we even got to invite her to church and she's been looking for one, YAY God!)

So all in all it was a very good boost of "power" today to keep me going on this road.  Kind of like a "power up" in a video game.  Not that I would know or anything.....I mean it's not like I play them or something.  I mean COME ON, that's for kids....ahem.  Isn't it?  (tee hee hee hee)

I was definitely reminded today that we have up weeks and we have down weeks.  We have really great and encouraging weeks and we have weeks when all we want to do is crawl under the bed and never come out.  But it WILL happen if we continue to be strong and push on and pick ourselves up and dust off when (not if) we fall down.  If we just stay down there in the dirt we will be nothing at all but...fat and dirty.  Oh, and unhealthy.  Because health should always be our number 1 goal.

So here's me this week, you probably can't tell but my clothes are finally starting to get a little more roomy.  YAY for clothes that are too big!  I hope you all are encouraged this week and that you can see the end of the tunnel ahead of you because it is really there!  Have a big and roomy clothes kind of week.

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Papi's Girl said...

Keep going and don't stop. No matter how difficult or long the road may seem at times you will get there if you are relentless.

I encourage you to take time in the morning to meditate for atleast 5 minutes. Visualize yourself at your goal weight and feel how amazing it is. This really helped me along my journey. :)

Keep pushing. I am hear if you need me.